We Build Staircases

When designing a staircase for internal or external use, consideration must be taken in the design to take account of whether it will be used for light or heavy use.

A light steel staircase would be suitable for domestic use, mezzanines, sheds and garages. For heavy use, you would need to consider a more heavier type of steel.

You can choose what type of stair rail and balustrades in the design and these can be incorporated into the final product.

We can help you decide what type of tread, rail and balustrade is compatible with each design.

The number of treads required to span the floors is listed below. Please contact us with your specifications if your project is smaller or larger:




Min floor height Max floor Number treads Min floor height Max floor Number treads Min floor height Max floor
1 340 380 7 1330 1520 13 2470 2650
2 510 570 8 1520 1700 14 2650 2850
3 680 760 9 1700 1900 150 2850 3040
4 850 950 10 1900 2090 16 3040 3230
5 1020 1140 11 2090 2280 17 3230 3420
6 1190 1330 12 2280 2470

Your design can be:

  • pre-cut, pre-punched light duty folded steel stringers.
  • pre-punched press metal treads ready for installation.
  • with safety rail systems available for one or both sides and stairwell.
  • Choose between safety rails or balustrades.
  • quality steel, easily assembled, bolt together, simple!
  • installed with one side to a wall.
  • no specialist tools required.
  • have specially designed top and bottom adjustable fixing brackets.
  • with std tread width 800 or 1000mm (std)
  • with std Tread depth 280mm , 250mm going (30mm overlap)
  • with std Riser height between 160-190mm (nom)

Back of House Staircases

We can help you find some inspiration on the type of back of house staircase for your property and the perfect handrail and balustrades to accompany it.
You can choose a galvanised or hard steel finish.  We can also arrange for the staircase to be finished with a zinc metal primer and colour finish.
We create bespoke staircases for offices and domestic properties.

Fire Escape Stairs

We can design and install different types of fire escape stairs in commercial and residential buildings.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the design and fitting of each fire escape stairway complies with the relevant building regulations for each building. Working across all sectors we have designed and fitted fire escape stairways in hotels, commercial properties and schools.

Designs range from multi floored staircases, single domestic staircases and spiral fire escape staircases.
We can also remove your old staircase and install your new one.


Stainless Steel Handrails in either Round, Square, Rectangle or Slotted profiles are a great way to create a modern handrail. Available in a mirror or satin finish and 304 or 316 grade that is suitable for internal and external use.

We can design a handrail system that combines the warmth of timber with the style and modern look of stainless steel.

We have a range of modular handrail tubing and balustrade fittings manufactured from quality Grade 316 stainless steel Our range includes tube and fittings with the dimension of 48.3mm and 50.8mm.

Our range is available in brushed stainless, most suitable to internal applications and mirror polish that we recommend for outdoor applications.

Handrails can be supplied in composite form or pre-cut for DIY installation to suit your personal specifications.


RNB Engineering is experienced at Council Projects and offers a comprehensive Metal Fabrication Services for all Local Authority Projects and Social Housing Developments. Our work includes manufacture and installation of Refuse Chutes, Fire escapes, Handrails, Barriers and Security Gates. We also offer site Repairs and Maintenance of existing structures and fitments.
Our team have the knowledge and technical ability to complete their work to a high standard, taking into consideration the most recent regulations. We provide detailed quotations for all types of metal and steel work, and advise on specific project requirements, including on-site surveys.