Looking to get a Site Survey?

We can provide a pre-construction site survey to gather information to determine the condition of the site and any buildings and/or structures in close proximity to the planned building works/construction. Our surveys cover the minimum zones for project developments involving excavation, piling and demolition works to ensure that we adhere to The Building and Construction Authority (“BCA).

A site survey can determine whether the land is suitable for the design of the structure planned and will advise of any obstacles that may cause concern. The type of survey undertaken will depend on what type of project is planned.

Site survey’s may include:

Soil survey, railway and tunnel search, air quality, traffic and transport, contamination, flood risk, geological, structural surveys of existing buildings, unexploded bombs, boundary issues, archaeological, telecommunications, gas networks, sewers and water supply.


RNB Engineering is experienced at Council Projects and offers a comprehensive Metal Fabrication Services for all Local Authority Projects and Social Housing Developments. Our work includes manufacture and installation of Refuse Chutes, Fire escapes, Handrails, Barriers and Security Gates. We also offer site Repairs and Maintenance of existing structures and fitments.
Our team have the knowledge and technical ability to complete their work to a high standard, taking into consideration the most recent regulations. We provide detailed quotations for all types of metal and steel work, and advise on specific project requirements, including on-site surveys.