Refuse Chute Systems

RNB offer the only refuse chutes fire tested to a 4 hour fire rating to BS476:Part 22:1987

Our refuse chute hoppers (Patents pending) are constructed from 3mm mild steel sheet and press formed for maximum strength with welded 3mm mild steel press formed handles welded to each hopper head.

All our chute hoppers are bolted to a 3mm mild steel backing plate with 10mm anti vandal bolts to prevent theft, the back plate is bolted into the chute room wall with M10 x 100mm x 4 Raw Bolts also installed is a fire proof silicone seal to the back of each backing plate and each chute hopper head is fitted with 1 internal balance weight

All our refuse chute hoppers and frames can be painted galvanized or powder coated in any colour and can be manufactured to individual requirements

RnB offer 2 standard sizes small ( RBS ) and (RBL) large and also offer a chute hopper extension specifically designed for old applications to prevent chute obstruction in older chutes.

We also offer:

Refuse Chutes
Linen Chutes
Recycling Chutes
Food Waste Chutes
Hopper Doors
Chute Maintenance
Domestic Chutes


All refuse chute installations are manufactured to order and can be custom-made to meet the specific requirements of each project

Features and Benefits

  • 4 hr Fire Rated  to BS 476
  • Smoke Seal to BS 476
  • Self closing
  • Odour Seal
  • Vandalism Proof
  • 5 year Guarantee
  • Manufactured by us to meet the latest Government requirements
  • Colour options available

The hopper doors suit most current user requirements in terms of capacity.

Generally a basic refuse chute should be maintenance free, however where chute cleaning systems and hopper door interlocks are included, then RNB can always provide a preventative maintenance contract. In addition a chute cleaning service, utilising high pressure jet washing equipment is available.

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